Monday, October 29, 2012

Classroom Pictures...

Hey everyone,

I always love exploring other blogs that I love to see different things they are doing in their classroom.  I also love getting ideas from something cute I see on Pinterest and then "tweaking" them my own way.  I've decided to post a few pictures of my classroom to hopefully inspire others.  If any of these were your original ideas please let know so I can give you proper recognition!  Whoever came up with these ideas has been a life saver for me and my classroom and deserves recognition!  Enjoy!

Book Nooks
Our book nooks.  Each round label has a book nook spot on it (t-shirt pillow, reading buddy, whisper phone, crate seat, etc.) and each clothespin has a student's name on it.  Every other day I rotate the book nooks and the students look where their clothespin is to see where they will sit for read-to-self time.  They really enjoy reading in the book nooks!

Crate Seats
The most wonderful (and cutest) storage solution!  Not only can you store things but you also get more seats for your classroom :)... double bonus!  I love these and so do my kiddos.  I think every adult that has come into our classroom has also commented on them.  If you don't have any, make some ASAP! You will be so happy you did!

Where Are We? Board
Great idea for keeping track of where your students are throughout the day.  I always have kids coming in and out of the room and people pulling my kids for different thing.  I saw a board like this on Pinterest and decided to make one to help me keep track of where each kid is throughout the day.  It is just a while board with zebra sticky paper and vinyl letters.  The magnets are made from clear decorative rocks from the Dollar Tree, cute paper, mod-podge, and thick magnets.  Each one has a student's name on it and the kids move them to the appropriate box before they leave the room.

Calendar Area
In our calendar area we have the usual calendar things: calendar (I made mine on a white board so I could put little magnets on the backs of the dates), day of the week chart, hundreds, tens, and ones char, weather chart, etc.  My two favorite things in this area are... 
1. Our attendance chart.  Each day that we have every student there they earn a puzzle piece.  WHen they fill in their puzzle the class gets a special reward.  I made this puzzle to look like my little dog Paisley! :)
2. Our target behavior board.  Another wonderful Pinterest behavior management idea.  In our meeting area we pick a target behavior such as "shouting out".  Then each time someone "shouts out" I take one flower down (they start with 5).  The more flowers they keep at the end of a lesson, the more points they get toward a class reward.

Classroom Library
Our classroom library.  The books are organized by DRA and Lexile level.  I love how colorful it is and I love the tubs!  I found them at the Dollar General last year.  They come is large size and small size.  Books fit perfectly in them and students don't have to pull them off the shelves to look through the books.

My Desk... sorry about the mess!
Cute desk skirt made by a friend and they match the curtains she made for me too!  I then made some book shelf covers to match.

My new favorite hobby... painting furniture!  I just started painting furniture last year and loved it.  So I decided to make a few things for my classroom.  I made this little reflection chair, and I just love it :).  I also painted a chair for myself, one for Ms. Fretwell on my 2nd grade team, and a special pink chair for Ms. Ross who is the bravest breast cancer survivor I've ever met!

My pretty painted chair :).

I'll post some more pictures of my classroom later... and I promise next time it will be more pictures and less words :).



  1. Hiya Brianna! I'm your newest follower! Super cute room :)

    1. I'm so excited to have another follower! Thanks for the sweet comment and thanks for following! I just checked put your amazing blog and am you newest follower :). I'd love any tips or tricks on blogging and getting more followers!
      Thanks again! I'm so excited you're my newest follower!! :)

  2. I teach in Kentucky too!! I'm a new follower and I LOVE your blog and your classroom! Super cute! How did you attach the fabric to your desk? I have tried hot glue and Velcro dots, but it just falls off.


    1. Hey! Thanks for the sweet comment and for following my blog :)! I just used small velcro dots to attach the fabric to my desk. I also have some little strips of velcro on part of it because I ran out of the dots. That seemed to work better. I attached it to the "wood"-looking edge of the desk, not the metal part. It doesn't seem to stick well on the metal. Check out Hobby Lobby, they have all kinds of different velcro things you could try. Hope this helps!


  3. I love the target behavior idea! I am going to start doing that (I just need a space now!) What kinds of things do your kiddos earn? Thanks so much for sharing!
    A fellow Pinterest Addict,
    Second Grade is Out of This World

    1. Hey! It is so hard to find spaces to put stuff in classrooms... They need to be much bigger :)! My kiddos can earn things like lunch in the room, extra recess time, a little game time (like heads up seven up or something), and other things like that. It's hard to think of rewards for the kids!

  4. Hi Brianna!
    Nice to meet you! I love your reflection chair and Book Nook poster! Great Job! Hopefully I can work on my reflection chair over the summer!!
    Oh, you mentioned PINTEREST.... Don't you mean OBSESSED! We already have too much in common! YAY!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  5. That reflection chair is BOSS! My kids would act crazy just to get to sit there. Great idea.

  6. I love all the color in your classroom! I am hoping you might be interested in joining my Winter Exchange Project! I am new to blogging and this is the first "big thing" I'm trying. Please consider joining along. All the info is on my bog: ~Maria

  7. Hi! Your painted chairs are beautiful! are they painted with acrylic paint and what type of gloss varnish did you use?