Sunday, October 13, 2013

My 2 New Obsessions...

Hey everyone,

I cannot believe I have not blogged in over a month!  Yikes!  I have been so buys lately, my poor blog has been neglected.  Well today I am finally posting about my 2 new obsessions!  Ready for it...

Making regular worksheets into...  POSTERS! :)  and Common Core Reading: Comprehension Strategy Sheets for K-2 Fiction Standards by Jen Jones!

I am in love with the Common Core Reading: Comprephension Strategy Sheets for K-2 Fiction Standards from the fabulous Jen Jones!  She has sooooo many amazing comprehension strategy sheets in her pack on TPT and she also has a Common Core RIT: Comprehension Strategy Sheets for K-2 Informational Reading set.  They are amazing!  You can use these sheets for so many different reading lessons and activities.  This year, I have been using them by blowing them up into posters and am loving them as formative assessments.

The students LOVE making these fun posters and I love how excited they are for reading now :).  Here are some of their posters...

For this lesson, the students were split up into groups and given a book to read with their group.  Then they got a Common Core Reading: Comprehension Strategy Sheet (that I had blown up to poster size) and worked with their group to retell the story.  When they were finished, we put their posters up on our Reading Wall.

I've been using so many of the reading strategy sheets from Jen Jones this year.  My kiddos seem to get so excited when they get to show what they've learned on a poster... and they are so proud when they see it displayed in the room.

To blow up the regular sized sheets to poster size, I just went to our school copier and found a button that says "Reduce/Enlarge".  In that setting, you can pick to blow an 8 1/2 x 11 paper to 11 x 17 (I think that is the size :) ).  We have the large paper at school that we can put in the copier, but you could also cut a large piece of construction paper to fit.

After my kiddos had fun showing what they learned on the posters, I used the regular sized reading strategy sheets as a formative assessment.
Paisley helped me grade them :)

To check out the reading strategy sheets, head on over to Jen Jones'- Hello Literacy TPT Shop!