Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Few Anchor Charts!

*The mistakes that you see in the images below have been fixed on the actual document, I just have not uploaded new pictures on here!*

Hey everyone!

Anchor charts are one of the best teaching tools, but it is so hard to make one just right when you're making it with your kiddos.  I like to make cute anchor charts to hang in the room, but kids learn so much when you make the charts with them.  So, here is my solution... I make the anchor chart ahead of time but then during instruction I make a temporary one with the kids.  It is outlined the same as the one I've already made, so when I bring out the cute one the next day to hang in the room, it doesn't look all that different from the one I made with the kids.  They have yet to notice it is a different chart :).  This way, students get the benefit of making the chart with you and learning from that, but you get to have an anchor chart that is cute and you can reuse again next year.

Here are a few anchor charts I have made and use in my classroom.  Enjoy!

A great poster to help kids remember about how large each unit of measure. It allows them to relate these units of measurement to themselves. The poster describes a part of their body that students can relate each of the following unit of measurement to: centimeter, inch, foot, yard, and meter. You can teach them gestures to remember each as well! I have done this with my second grade class and now they can each show me about how large and inch is (they hold up their pinky finger and point to the tip of it). It also helps students become more active in their learning by doing the gestures. You'll love it as much as they do!


Use this anchor chart to help students remember math strategies for addition and subtraction. Great for them to refer to after you've taught. Can print this as one page for a student handout or as a 18x24 sized poster.

This is a great anchor chart for introducing telling time or use it for students to refer back to. You can print this as an 18x24 poster or a one page reference sheet for students. This is easy for kids to read and understand. Great to help kids understand each hand on the clock and the steps to telling time.

 This is a great anchor chart for introducing/teaching retelling. Teaching students how to give a "High-5 Retell" is a great way to help them remember the key elements of retelling a story. Simple and effective. Can be printed to make an 18x24 sized poster.


  1. thumb is spelled wrong in the measurement one. I love the chart, but would love if the typo was corrected!

    1. I corrected the mistake shortly after this post was made. If you go to my TPT shop you can see the anchor chart and it has been corrected. Thanks so much for letting me know though!

  2. Past should be passed on the telling time anchor chart : )

    1. Hi. Yes you are correct. The poster was fixed shortly a after this post last year but I just haven't changed the images on the post :).