Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting ready for school!

Hey everyone!
I can't believe the first day of school for us is only 13 days away!  I am scrambling to get my room finished... I haven't even started thinking about my plans for the first day of school.  Man, I am a bit stresses out! 

This morning I wanted to share some resources that I've been working on the past few weeks...

First are my new bright chevron with cute owls math student friendly learning targets (I can... Statements) and ELA student friendly learning targets.

Here are the math learning targets for all 2nd grade math standards.  They are broken down to match your learning target for each lesson!

Here are the ELA learning targets for all 2nd grade ELA standards.  They are also broken down to match your learning target for each lesson!

I also wanted to share my latest project... Math vocabulary cards.  These vocabulary cards give students a picture and definition/explanation for all of the important math words in the 2nd grade standards.  These are aligned to the common core standards and perfect for you math wall!

Here are a couple of examples of what these math vocabulary cards look like...

I'm so glad that I have finally finished those sets.  I know these are going to be a huge time saver for me this year and I they'll do the same for you!

With all the work I still have left to do in my classroom I have been getting a bit overwhelmed... So what have I been doing to relax?  Painting! :) I have been working on some cute paintings to hang up above my reading area.  I got this idea from The Tattooed Teacher after seeing an Instagram picture of her paintings.  Mine aren't quite finished, but here they are so far...
I'm so excited to put them up in my classroom!  I didn't have any of my books to look at the characters at home, so I had to print off a blurry picture from the Internet.  I sketched the pictures first and then painted over my sketch.  I'm horrible at sizing pictures when I draw them so that would be why some of them seem kind of cut off.  But I like how they turned out... Kind of reminds me of our students school pictures! :)

I know this time of year is super stressful but remember to take some time to relax and enjoy the last bit of your summer!



  1. From one KY teacher to another, these look great!! Are they bundled in a back to school pack or anything?

  2. Your paintings look fabulous! The kids will love them.

    Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)