Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting my classroom ready...

Hey everyone!

I cannot believe school for us starts one week from tomorrow?!?! I am so not ready for this.  I've been working in my classroom like crazy and it still looks like this...
I'm just a tad stressed out!  

Instead of focusing on the huge task of this mess of a room, I've been doing little projects to make my room cute... Haha I may need someone to come in and intervene.  Here is what I've done the last few days...
Made my new CUPS editing cups!! This will be where we keep the highlighters that students will use to edit.  The highlighters will match the cups (colors) so they'll easily remember where they go.  

A new library basket for my kiddos to take our books back to the library in.  I'm really mad that I didn't make the sign say "Library Book Basket"... Oh well.  I love bows, they just make everything cuter!

Look at what I scored yesterday!!!
I've been eyeing this old barber chair that one of my teammates has had for years. Yesterday she was wanting to throw it out so I snatched it up... Yea like I need MORE stuff in my room.  But what a fun place for students to read.  Just needs to be cutified and it'll be great!

I got some bulletin boards done the other day... And I am in love with tulle!  Last year I had black bulletin boards to help tone down the brightness in my room.  This year I'm just going all out with color. I was getting worried about the crazy colors and zebra... I was in tears the other day talking to my husband about all these cute rooms with themes and my room is just a hodgepodge of color.  Then one of my teammates pointed out that I have lots of green, pink, and blue with a touch of zebra... So that could be my "theme" colors.  That started making me feel better about my room.

And lastly... Look what I finally finished and am ready to hang up in my classroom...
I'm so excited to finally get these put up in my room!  Those Berenstain Bears took forever!  I'll be sure to post a picture when I've got them hanging up!

That's how my classroom cleaning is going so far... How's yours?  :). The beginning of the year stress is starting to hit me so I need to crack down today and get this room done... No more cute projects until its finished... Maybe...



  1. I need someone to come intervene as room is still in shambles and the kiddos start a week from TODAY! I am currently rapidly running my printer (it may hate me after this!) and about to turn on the goes the added stress and the final push! I'm doing zebra in my room too with pink and lime green! Good Luck!

    The Very Busy Resource Teacher

    1. It is crazy how the beginning of school just sneaks up on you! :) I have so much trouble getting rid of things I don't need so it all just piles up... I always think, well I haven't used that in two years, but maybe I need it this year. haha! But it'll all get done. I'd love to see pictures of your classroom, I bet it is adorable!


  2. Your classroom looks divine! I am completely in love! I want to pin your CUPS because I love the idea for editing!
    I am excited to say that I am your newest follower!

    Seconds at the Beach

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I am excited that you are my newest follower! :)

  3. Your room looks wonderful! I have the same colors...except pink...think I'll add it this year! Where did you get the great zigzag pattern area rug?