Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas: A Teacher's Best Friend

I am so excited to be linking up again for this month's Bright Ideas Link Up!

This summer I decided to revamp my classroom library.  One thing I did was level all of my books.  This is probably the third time I have rearranged the books in my classroom library, so as you can imagine, they have many different letters and numbers written on them with permanent marker.  This year, I wanted to make sure I didn't confuse my kiddos, so I needed to get rid of all of the old letters and numbers on the books. I knew I could use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get permanent marker off of the books, but I was fresh out of those.  So… I decided to try a different solution…
Yay Germ-X!  This wonderful little tool not only sanitizes but it also cleans permanent marker off of many different surfaces.  
If you are wanting to revamp your classroom library and, like me, have various labels written on them, just grab a bottle of Germ-X and some paper towels.  Here is what you'll do…
Add a dab of Germ-X on to whatever you are wanting to clean off.  Let is sit for just a few seconds.  Then just wipe it off with the paper towel.  The first wipe usually leaves a bit of a smudge so you may want to add another dab of Germ-X to get off any smears on there.

Here are my before and after pictures…

So next time you need to clean off some permanent marker from old laminated stuff or books, save a few bucks and use that teacher's best friend- Germ-X! :)

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  1. No way! I am so going to try this on everything! LOL. I wonder if it comes out of clothes with this trick too? Maybe I will try on an old shirt because I have a few outfits that have marker on them.

    Jennifer from
    Simply Kinder