Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bright Ideas: The Simplest Way to Manage Hallway Behavior

Hey everyone,

Hallway behavior can be a tricky thing to manage.  When you see a class coming down the hallway, you typically see the teacher either A: walking forward with the class doing silly things behind them, or B: walking backward and almost running things (or, if you're like me, tripping over your own feed) while your students giggle.  I have decided neither of those work for me and found the simplest way to manage hallway behavior.  Check out my Bright Idea!
Alright, are you ready for the simplest way to manage your class's hallway behavior? Here it is: walk BEHIND your class :).  Simple, right?

Look at that awesome hallway behavior.  And I didn't even tell them until later that I snapped these shots :).

Now, I know many of you probably already do this… but I also know there are many teachers that still go home each day with a knot on the back of their head from the pole in the middle of the hallway they couldn't see because they were walking backward so they could keep an eye on their class :).  
Let me tell you why this works…
This works so well because it makes your students feel very responsible and they feel like they have a bit of freedom.  They feel like "big kids" without their teacher "hovering" over them.  Walking behind them also allows you to keep an eye on everyone and easily monitor their behavior.  Your students know you are watching them and are therefore more likely to display the appropriate hallway behavior.

So there you have it.  The simplest way to manage hallway behavior.  I hope this tip helped save some headaches :).  If you liked my bright idea, feel free to join me on Instagram or Facebook for more bright ideas.

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  1. I have done this for years! So happy you are bringing it into the light again for new teachers! I never walk as the lead. I tell them things like, "I am looking for the tallest walker... the quietest shoes, or whether boys or girls are right on the line this time". We get a class point, marble in the jar, etc. Compliments earn us more points.

  2. Seriously love this idea! I've been teaching for 9 years and have never done this. I'm definitely going to do this starting Monday! Thanks for sharing it!

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  3. I like to do this, but the other key part is to have stopping points that every student who might one day lead the line knows. I'm a sub and if I don't get time to learn the names before we walk I'm not about to yell down the hall hey, you in Mrs. So and So's class! Or even when I know their name I may not have looked to who was in the front and I'm only seeing their back while also trying to get some to speed up or whatever while the rest of the class is full speed ahead and around the corner. I may also know who it is but they are too far ahead for me to quietly get their attention unless I speed walk up to them or the other kids start saying their name in the name of being helpful but now 7 kids are yelling that kid's name in the halls!! HA! But stopping points are helpful and we reqroup, even if only for long enough for me to tell them to continue if all is well! But I do like walking in the back to see all their choices, and they all walk past me from where we start at some point so I can show my presence, give them a smile or thumbs up or a silent reminder of hallway choices.
    Love the bright ideas blog party!