Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome to My Classroom!

Hey everyone!
After the craziness of the first few weeks of school, I have finally cleaned my classroom up enough to take some pictures.  So, I am linking up with Swimming Into Second for her Show Off Your Space linky party!

Welcome to our classroom!

 This is our "meeting area"/classroom library.  
I love to teach lessons in our meeting area.  I am able to get closer to their level and they seem to be more engaged there.  I can also easily refer to our math wall and the word wall from the meeting area.  In the middle is our calendar.  We are doing Everyday Math this year but I haven't set up my calendar with all of the Everyday Math supplies yet... they are not very cute and I am a little bitter about that ;).  I guess I will have to suck it up and display the not so cute calendar stuff.

 I LOVE my teacher chair in our meeting area... I just wish it wasn't brown.  It is so comfy and cozy.  I have random puppets perched all over my chair :).

This is the back of our meeting area/classroom library.  
On the middle shelf are the book bins for each table.  In each book bin, every member at the table has a book bag that contains 5 books they have picked out- 1 too hard book, 1 too easy book, 2 just right books, and 1 just for me book (that can be any book they want).

In the back corner of the room is my "teacher" area.  
Don't you LOVE the table!  This was the table I go through Donors Choose!  I am in love with this table.  It is so big and I can work with so many students... I'm going to have to put more crate seats around it.  Behind the table is a bit of a mess.  The green curtain is hiding a bunch of my teacher books.  The blue bins at the top are all of my mentor texts divided out by subject and strategy.  

 Here is the front of our classroom.  
I rarely stand up here to teach, so rather than putting our reflection desk in the back of the room where we have most of our lessons, I put it in the front of the room where it is actually out of the way.  

A closeup of our shelves in the front of our classroom.
All of the supplies students may need throughout the day are here.  Sharp pencils, a place for their dull ones, extra glue sticks, highlighters, extra erasers, post-it notes, index cards, dry erase markers, dry erase erasers, dry erase boards, clipboards, paper, writing notebooks, math notebooks, word work notebooks, and of course the CUPS cups!  I also have a little bucket of colored pencils for students to use when they edit their writing.

 This is the other side of the front of our classroom.  
My SMART Board was mounted in a very awkward place and my kiddos at the tables closest to the door can't see it.  So I put a little rug in front of it to provide a place for those students to sit when we have a lesson on the SMART Board.  My husband made the box for me last year so my kiddos could reach the SMART Board, I of course had to paint it :).  And it opens up so it has given me more storage space!  Next to the SMART Board I have our "I can..." statements... I love the zebra background.

Table cubbies!  
Each table has a space that has markers, crayons, a basket full of manipulatives we use, a supply basket with scissors and glue, and their extra work folder.  This makes it so easy to get supplies out!  The "Quiet Captains" at each table are in charge of getting whatever their table needs for a lesson from their cubbies.

Not the best picture, but this is our check-in station (on the left), Duck Buck pockets (on the door), voice level reminders (above the Duck Bucks), sanitizing station (on the right), and student folders (below the sanitizing station).

I love these bins from Big Lots for holding student folders!

Again, not the best picture.  :(  
These are our classroom jobs and my awesome barber chair another teacher gave me!  Students get to sit in it during read to self time... it goes up and down! :)  They love it.

I may be a tad OCD about student pencils!  
I hated having to touch the pencils when I'd sharpen them and they had to be sharped all the time, so last year I started using mechanical pencils.  I'm so surprised at how well my 2nd graders use these!  It makes their writing neater and they stay sharp for so long.  I didn't want students to fight over colors, so each table has a specific color of pencil.  It also helps them know where a pencil goes when they find it on the floor.  One of my classroom jobs is "pencils" and this person fills up all of our "dull" pencils with lead on Friday.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our classroom.  To see more amazing classrooms, head over to Swimming Into Second and check out all of the wonderful teachers that have linked up.  



  1. Thanks so much for linking up! I love the bright colors of your room. I have those same bins from Big Lots and now I'm wishing I had bought more of them. They fit so nicely on shelves. Have a great year!

    Swimming into Second

  2. Thanks for the tour! I love your room!!
    Frist Grade Spies

  3. Awesome room!!!

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