Saturday, March 23, 2013

An Inferring Activity!

Hey everyone!
It's been a while since I've posted anything... things have been busy!  One thing I've been working on is this fun inferring activity.
 Click any of the pictures or HERE to check this activity out in my TPT shop.

This activity is called Whose trash is this?  It is a great activity to use with students to work on their inferring skills.  Students are shown clues from someone's "trash" and they must infer whose trash it may be.  There is a worksheet that students may fill out as you do the activity.  As you show them each clue, they draw the clue and write down what they infer about the person based on that clue.  After they are shown all the clues they must write down whose trash they think this is and why.  My students and I have been doing these activities for a few days now and they absolutely LOVE it!  They get so excited when they see the envelope with the little dog in the trash on it.

I put the cover page (the dog in the trash) on the front of one of those large envelopes and put the clues inside.  Then I pull out one clue at a time and as a class we talk about what we infer based on that clue. They then draw the clue on their worksheet and write down their inference.  Included in the pack in my TPT shop are clues for 4 different activities (Cinderella's trash, a pirates trash, a detectives trash, and SpongeBob's trash) plus one blank one so you can make another one up if you would like.  Also included are the cover page and a worksheet that students can complete during this activity.  You could use these activities at a center too!

This is the cover page...
I drew the dog in the trash can myself :)... and the clues for SpongeBob's trash. :)

Here is the worksheet that students fill out during this activity.

Hop on over to my TPT shop to purchase this activity!  Your kiddos will love it!


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