Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Quick Question...

Hey everyone!

I have been wanting to make a passport template for my students to use during our country study.  I made a couple of quick pictures (they aren't done yet so don't judge me :) ) for the front of the passport but can't decide which one to use.  Here's my question... which picture do you think would be better for the front of the students' passports?  

Here is picture 1:

Here is picture 2:

So which picture would look best on the front of a passport?  Or, do you think a different picture would work better?  I would love to hear your all's thoughts!

I really appreciate any and all feedback and help!

Thank you all!


  1. My vote is #2 because that's what on the front of an actual passport.

    We do a country study too! One country per continent per month. This month is Antarctica! FUN!!

    1. Thanks for the help! I'm excited to start our country study, my class studies Australia and it's always a blast! :)

  2. I say number 2 also. They both look great though!

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  3. I agree with #2 - but I LOVE #1!!! It's adorable!! What a great idea :)


  4. I think picture no. 2 is much better as it looks like the real passport.