Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hey everyone,

     Recently I had the privilege of attending an amazing writing conference and I came out with so many great ideas to help my little writers!  Writing seems to be a big area of frustration for my kiddos and for me.  I love to write and always model what my students are going to be doing, and they seem to do okay with that part.  But... when it comes to cleaning up their writing... Oh man, it is a struggle.  They can never find anything they need to fix and when a friend reads over their work, the friend can find maybe one capitalization error but that's about it.  So... Here's my new favorite writing tool! CUPS!  I know this has probably been around forever and I am just now learning about it....

     In my classroom I am going to be dividing students up into groups of 4 when it is time to edit their work. Then, each student in the group will be given a job and they will have a "job description" card to remind them of their duties.  One student will look over each group members work and only focus on their spelling.  Another student will look over each group members work and only focus on punctuation... etc...  This way, students will be looking for specific things that need to be corrected rather than scanning everyones writing looking for anything to fix.

     So... Here is what I have made so far...

First- CUPS posters.  These cute posters explain each part of CUPS editing to the students.  It is a great way to introduce this idea to the kids and a great visual reminder for them.  I just love decorating things I make with +Melonheadz Illustrating clipart!  It makes it so much cuter!

You can click on any of the above pictures or click HERE to check out these posters in my TPT shop!

Next- I made student "job description" cards that match the posters.  These are the cards I will use when students are working in a group to edit their writing.  Each student in the group will get a card that will tell them what their job is.
Click on either of the above pictures or HERE to purchase these from my TPT shop!


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