Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Freebies!

Here are some freebies from my TPT shop.  If you like them, please check out the rest of my shop and follow me!  I would love any feedback and comments too!  Enjoy!

Primary Vocabulary Page

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Posting a different vocabulary word each day or each week is a great way to expand students' vocabularies. Being able to look up a word in a dictionary is a skill many young learners do not have but will need. This worksheet is simple for younger students to follow. They write the word, the definition, draw a picture of what it is/means, write one synonym and one antonym, and they write a sentence using the word correctly. Could use this in a literacy center.

Fact Family Poster

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Use this anchor chart to help introduce what a fact family is. It can be printed to make a 18x24 poster.

Building a Graph Assessment

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Aligned with 2nd grade core content. Students use the data provided to build a graph.  Students can use a piece of graph paper if needed.

Two-Digit Addition Without Regrouping Assessment

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This is a great assessment for 2-digit addition without regrouping. The first few problems help students line up their equations in vertical form by given them a "guide line". The last two problems don't have the "guide line" so students must show they can line up their addition equations in vertical form. You are looking to see if they line up the tens and the ones places. This assessment aligns with 2nd grade core content.

Compare and Contrast Countries Graphic Organizer

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This document is great to use for a country study. Fill in one side with the name of the country you are studying. The other side says United States. Students can compare and contrast different cultural aspects of the country being studied to ours.

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