Friday, September 28, 2012

Recent Products

Hey everyone,

Here are some of my recent items posted to my shops.

The Doubles Rap Poster
Find this great poster at: 

This poster is great for introducing the doubles facts.  My 2nd graders caught on to it quickly and loved the rap.  We also made up gestures to go with each doubles fact.  This is a great poster to refer to in your classroom or you can print it on a regular sheet of paper for students to use as individual reference pages.

 FISH Communication Book
(Family Involvement Starts Here)

This is the most amazing resource for daily communication between home and school.  Each day students turn in their FISH book and I get a chance to look over them and circle their behavior toward the end of the day.  Students then take them home and get it signed by a parent and get their reading log filled out and signed each night.  This is a great way to keep track of students' nightly reading.  It also keeps parents involved in how their child is doing in class each day.  You can also include notes to parents, they can write notes to you (instead of having to keep track of all those little post-it notes that come in), and include any special days or events that may be coming up.  If you don't want to bind it into a book, you can just copy the pages front to back and use one page a week.

Once you get them made and started, you will love them!  I don't know what I did before these. :)  Once you start using these FISH books, you love them too!

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