The Lock Smock

Purchase a Lock Smock for your own classroom, a teacher friend, or even your child's teacher HERE.

     The Lock Smock is something I created because I saw a huge need at our school regarding student safety.  During lockdowns, teachers were spending a lot of time in the hallway trying to lock their doors.  Not only were the teachers left vulnerable while in the hallway, but so were their students.  To help fix this problem, our school started using magnets inside the door frame.  This allowed us to keep the doors lock at all times while students could still easily come in and out.  The problem was, the magnets often fell off and locked us out or they broke.  So, I decided we needed something else.  That's when I created the Lock Smock.

 This is a picture of a Lock Smock on a door. 
(The above pictures are from Amanda at One Extra Degree.  Click HERE to see her blog post about her Lock Smock!)

     The Lock Smock gives teachers a way of keeping their doors locked at all times, but still allowing students the ability to enter the room with ease.  The Lock Smock hugs your door by strapping around the doorknobs.  During an emergency, like a lockdown, you simply unhook the inside elastic band, crack the door a bit, and allow the Lock Smock to dangle on the outside of the doorknob, securely locking your door in moments while you never have to stand in the hallway.

     Currently all teachers at my school use a Lock Smock on their door.  Other schools have ordered sets for all teachers at their school.  If you are interested in ordering a set for your school, feel free to contact me for pricing and fabric options.

     Many of the fabric choices I have on my Etsy shop sell out quickly.  Below are fabric options for Lock Smocks that I try to keep in stock or can order fairly easily.  If you do not see the fabric option in my Etsy shop that you are looking for, please contact me and I will see about getting that fabric.  Typically when a specific Lock Smock fabric options sells out, I will order more within a week.

     There are three versions of the Lock Smock.  The first is the original Lock Smock.  This Lock Smock is perfect for classroom doors with knobs.  The second is the Lock Smock for Handles.  This Lock Smock is perfect for classroom doors with handles rather than knobs.  A clip allows the Lock Smock handle to fit around the handle of the door without over stretching the elastic.  The last is the Heavy Duty Lock Smock.  This Lock Smock has a plastic inside of it.

Lock Smock Fabric Options

Visit my Etsy shop to order a Lock Smock today!

     The Lock Smock is made with durable material and should last through daily use for about a year, hopefully more.  If you are ever accidentally locked out of your room with your Lock Smock on the door (some doors are stubborn :) ), simply tug on the fabric and it will pop the lock back out of the hole.  Like any other product, it will eventually wear out.  But, for only $8.00, you can order a new replacement Lock Smock! :)  

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  1. Hi Brianna. Do you ship these to Canada? I would love to purchase a couple of these.

  2. I am hoping and praying that our fire code will change for safety items like this! I'm dying for one of these and a classroom curtain for my door, but code says NOTHING ON DOORS. Boo! I'll be writing someone!

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