About Me

My name is Brianna and I am a second grade teacher in Kentucky.  I love creating cute and practical resources for teachers to use in their classrooms.

I am married to the most amazing man in the world.  We live way out in the country and love spending time outdoors.  We have three adorable dogs: Buck, Paisley, and Max; and one cat named Judy.


Max                       Buck


I love doing all sorts of crafty projects.  I really love drawing.  I also love to paint furniture bright colors!  Here are some of my creations I have painted for my classroom.

I've also painted a few teacher chairs for some teaching buddies...

Now for the fun part... some random things about me! :)
  • I always wanted to meet Bob Ross and was devastated last year when I found out he had died a while ago.  Now my goal is to meet Si from Duck Dynasty.
  • I am crazy about goats!  We used to have a few Nigerian Dwarf Goats and they were the cutest and funniest little pets ever!
  • I want to write a children's book... about goats!
  • I have always wanted to own an alpaca!  I want to train it so I can ride it around like a horse.
  • I love to hunt and fish.
  • I would have loved to be an archaeologist.  I like to dig around in our backyard looking for old broken pots and indian artifacts... My dad is an anthropologist, maybe that's where I get it from.
  • My family is part Basque.
  • Ever since middle school, I wanted a Yorkie and I wanted to name it Paisley... When my husband and I got married we finally got a Yorkie... and named her Paisley! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!  


  1. I love your furniture! Your theme is so me.

  2. Your chairs are so cool! I have two old school chairs in my basement screaming,"paint me"! Did you sand and primer first? What is the best type of paint to use? What did you do to seal them? I would love to paint an authors chair this summer for my Kindergarten class but I don't know how to start this project. Acrylics? Actually I've wanted to do this for 2yrs now. Need some advice. Thanks!

  3. Hey my dear . . . email me if you still want in on the Pen Pal thing :) I'll open the door for ya! kelleydolling@gmail.com

  4. I just purchased your stages of the writing process, however, under the edit what does C, U, P, S mean?