Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Classroom Family Tree!

Hey everyone,

I found the cutest idea on Pinterest for a classroom family tree.  I thought it was so adorable, so I thought I would try to make one for my class.  I drew a picture of each student separate and a tree... so then I could move them around independently until I thought it looked right.  I'm so excited about how it turned out! I'm going to give my students a black and white copy for Valentine's Day so they can color it like a coloring page :).

Here was my inspiration...
This adorable classroom family tree is from First Grade Fabulous Fish.

Here is my classroom family tree that I drew for my kiddos!

I made a duplicate of this picture and put each students name next to their picture, incase they can't tell which one is them. :)

I'm so excited! I think it turned out pretty cute... and I know my kiddos are going to flip when they see it.  I was going to color it for them, but the more I thought about it, I liked the idea of letting each student color their own.  :)